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I’ve had a specific adoration for the word ‘lovely’ for a long time. It’s such a good word.

I got called lovely today (in an Instagram comment lol) and my heart sang. Afterward, I knew I had to sit down and write a little blurb about this adjective.

If you look up the definition the first result you’ll find is “exquisitely beautiful” which, dang, that’s pretty nice all on its own. However, I never considered the word ‘lovely’ to describe physical or aesthetic beauty. I do use it that way from time to time but my favorite definition for lovely is “having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind; harmony; grace.”

It’s a rich word that has layers and seems to bloom sunshine when you say it. Thus the reason for it being in my blog name. I can embrace the dysfunction and confusion my life holds and still maintain a lovely attitude about it, or try.  I definitely fail most days. I’m a work in progress.

My blog name seems like juxtaposition or an oxymoron but I’ve never seen it that way. Dysfunction can be lovely.

I aspire to be lovely, the second definition, although there is nothing wrong with being lovely in the sense of the first definition and I hope one day I have the self-confidence and self-esteem to see myself that way.

– – –

An odd post back but I think it sets a good tone for my future after my last update. I want to work towards feeling that harmony, grace, and beauty that this word sums up.

Thanks for reading!

You’re lovely.




(P.S. Wow, thank you for all the likes on the last post. Who knew people actually read this stuff? Thank you. I don’t want to promise a specific upload schedule at the moment but my goal is to get back to biweekly posts asap.)

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