My ‘part 2’

Why is moving on to a new chapter so difficult sometimes? Even when you’ve secretly been waiting in anticipation to turn the page.

Copy of I'm moving!

My time in Colorado is up and I’m trying to not be too dramatic about it. Talk about a mixed basket of emotions. My time in Colorado was wonderful in a lot of ways. I had access to things I never had before, I was living on my own, I finally felt like an adult. But I was also miserable. I was decent at hiding this for a while, then it was harder to hide from friends and family, and then it started to affect my well being and my work. I never want to perform below what I am capable of and that’s what was happening. I wasn’t proud of my work and I was depressed. It took friends, family, and a counselor to convince me that I didn’t have to keep being miserable for the sake of toughing it out. 

I could choose to leave. And I did. 

At first, this felt like a failure. But, I decided to think of it as a tactical retreat. There are days where I still feel the pang of regret and disappointment but I made the decision that was right for me.

I’m stepping back to breathe a little, reconnect with what I want out of life, and have a sleepover and a margarita with my best friend (Megan, put me down in your calendar!)

I’m only 24. All I’ve got is time. And for right now I’m using that time to slow down. 

It was a really hard and painful decision but for the first time in nearly 2 years, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

See y’all back in Georgia where my part 2 begins 💜


*I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from blogging while I move and get settled in. Hopefully, this will be around mid-May. See you then and thank you for reading.  (In the meantime read a post from my last move.)*


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