My Skin Care Routine

As I have gotten more and more interested with makeup, I have also grown increasingly aggravated that my skin isn’t the buttery smooth baby skin every beauty guru on Youtube seems to have.

Check out Tati here:

So, I have made the commitment to take better care of my skin. One step of this is my vitamin regime (stay tuned for a more in-depth review on vitamins) but another step is topical skin care. Here is what I am currently doing:


  1. Micellar water to cleanse makeup
  2. Glossier’s Solution – I gently swipe this over my entire face, being careful not to overdo it. This is a liquid chemical exfoliator so you want to be gentle with your skin when using it.
  3. Glossier’s Super Bounce – A hyaluronic acid face serum that is highly concentrated so just a couple drops does the trick. A moisturizer like this is important after using a product like Solution as it will dry your skin out.
  4. Moisturizer –  I use a second moisturizer because…more is more?
  5. Eye and Hand cream (I currently use a generic brand but I am looking to upgrade soon.)
  6. Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist – another round of hyaluronic acid because that’s good stuff and this mist is extremely soothing to spritz on right before bed.



  1. Daily cleanser (I switch these up all the time so I don’t have a specific one to recommend.)
  2. Toner – I use a cotton pad to generously swipe over my entire face but I concentrate on the area where my pores are the biggest
  3. Moisturizer – Even if you have “oily” skin it is important to moisturize!
  4. Lip scrub and Lip balm – Jeffree Star’s lip scrub is my favorite and one of the better lip scrubs I’ve ever used. They really work and they taste and smell amazing. I have the Lemon Ice Box cookies and Watermelon Gum but there are a million other choices!
  5. Apply Makeup

Once a week I use a deep exfoliator scrub in the shower (like this one) and once every other week I use Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay mask with apple cider vinegar. If my skin is feeling especially dry I use coconut oil as a mask and rinse off with warm water.




This is always changing, but for now, this is what I am doing to attempt being a “beautiful person!” Thanks for reading!

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