NYC in 48(ish) Hours

I think everyone knows it is just impossible to see everything you want to see in New York City in just one trip. It is definitely impossible with only 48 hours. However, you can get a lot done in that time frame and that is just what myself, Megan and our other friend Cassandra set out to do this past November.

Megan, Cassandra and I are friends from college and try to keep up with each other. Megan still lives in Georgia, I am currently in Colorado, and Cassandra recently moved to NYC. Of course, we had to use this as an excuse to visit.

I am a little late getting this post to you because life has been a blur and I like to take my time with posts like these. However, it is finally done! Here is what we managed to see in our short weekend in NYC.

the itinerary:


our goals:

12/12:30 pm – lunch [Megan didn’t land until around 11am.]

2:00pm – Central Park

4:30pm – Chelsea Market and Highline

6:00pm –  dinner

7:30pm – insta dessert

8:00pm – explore/ free time/snack/second dinner

9/9:30pm – UES Brandy’s Piano Bar

Late Night – Times Square


the reality:

We got to see practically everything that we initially planned on, which is surprising. I was exhausted. I had taken a red-eye from Colorado and essentially ran on about 30 minutes of sleep for the entire day.

We didn’t have much “free time” like we scheduled out at 8pm but we did get the majority of our itinerary done. The only thing that didn’t pan out was Brandy’s Piano Bar which I read rave reviews about on the internet but apparently so did the rest of the city and the bar was PACKED. We had to wait to get in and once we did there wasn’t room to breathe much less move to the bar.

It looked like it would be a blast on a less crowded night. If you are dead set on visiting, plan to be outside the door and waiting before they open so you can get a good spot.

Our “insta dessert” (yeah, yeah laugh it up. you know you would do the same.) Ended up not being all that instagramy but absolutely delicious anyway. We got Junior’s Cheesecake. Which, I couldn’t enjoy now, but was very good at the time.

Since the piano bar was a bust, we ended up calling it a night early. (Thank God because it was a miracle I stayed awake that long.) We collapsed into bed with plans for brunch in the morning.




we loved our brownstone air bnb! I will link at the end of the post.
Central Park was gorgeous but freezing. Pack warm if you plan on visiting around the same time of year that we did.

Snapseed 18



our goals:

9:30am – brunch 

11:00am – Bushwick Street Art walk

12:30pm – Girls apartment

1:30pm – lunch

3:30pm – Top of the Rock

5:30pm – Mass at SPC

6:30pm – dinner

8:00pm – drinks, dessert, explore

10:00pm – Brooklyn Bridge/ DUMBO

the reality:

We really fell down on the job for day two. We skipped several of the things on the itinerary due to time and other reasons we managed to come up with in the moment. Megan and I had a little time before my flight the next day and that is when we caught up on some things.

We made it to brunch a little later than we originally planned and that is what disheveled the rest of the day for us. We ended up skipping the Girls Apartment (it’s a TV show if you have no idea what I am talking about. Megan is a Girls/Lena Dunham superfan.) We also skipped Mass and opted for a quick walkthrough of the cathedral.  However, we still managed to get everything else done and stop for ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (which was fucking insane because we were so cold so IDK why we did that lol.)

The Bushwick Collective was a suggestion of mine and maybe not something people would prioritize on their first visit to NYC. However, there is a lot of history tucked in those murals and if you have a moment I encourage you to do a little research and visit if you think you would find it interesting. We took a Lyft to the area and walked around looking at the art for a little while. You can also purchase official tours of the area.


The Top of the Rock is a cliche thing to do but so fun none-the-less. No tourist should go to NYC and not get a bird’s eye view. I have been to both the Observation Deck at the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock now. I don’t know if I would recommend one over the other. I think you will enjoy either experience! However, if you are visiting around the holidays I would recommend the Top of the Rock so you can see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and the picturesque ice rink.

30 Rock fans? Anyone?



We walked across Brooklyn Bridge at night and it was so beautiful (and honestly not a terrible walk.)

     DAY THREE(ish)

Cassandra was up and gone bright and early for work but Megan and I had a little time to spare before our time in the Big Apple came to an end. We made our way to brunch where we took a deep breath and sipped on mimosas at our own pace for a few moments. Then made our way over to the Girls apartment where we walked past the specific door at least 3 times before figuring out which one was the right one. Megan got her photoshoot and just like that, it was time for me to catch my Lyft to the airport.



Manny’s, breakfast/brunch in Brooklyn

Mominette, brunch/mimosas in Brooklyn

The Smith, late night dinner in midtown

(we also snagged some pizza from a hole in the wall place near Times Square as well as some burgers from Shake Shack after walking Brooklyn Bridge)


Our Air BNB was in Brooklyn, specifically Bedford-Stuyvesant.  The basement apartment looked a little off-putting at first glance outside but inside was a really nice apartment. We loved staying there and I would definitely stay there again. It was clean, nicely decorated, had decent wifi, and was affordable.


Our NYC weekend trip was chaos but a blast all the same. The best way to do NYC is with friends and I hope you get an experience like I did. Drop your NYC tips/fav spots down in the comments!

Thanks for reading.


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