A Year in Review

I survived 2018!

I wish I could say I thrived…maybe in 2019.

So, while I was blogging throughout the year there were still moments I didn’t share here. So let’s take a moment to reflect on the whirlwind that was 2018.


~ t h e    h i g h l i g h t s ~



I started off the year with two of my favorite people in the world. We rang in the new year together down South and created a few more memories to add to the hundreds we already share.




My precious Zuzu turned one and we did our best to celebrate on our own.



I skied for the first time…and the last time.

img_7607 4
turns out I’m a pretty shit skier. pretty dope at falling down mountains though.



My family visited and we traveled and hiked all over Colorado and Utah. Here are some posts I have written about family travels: RV trip (Zion National Park), Arches, Hanging Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lily Mountain Trail.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



July 2018 marked my one year anniversary at my job and in Colorado. I didn’t really celebrate but, hey, I made it!



I started volunteering at a local animal sanctuary and it is the best thing that happened to me in 2018.




I visited New York with one of my closest friends, Megan (she just re-started her blog…go check it out!), to visit Cassandra who moved there after graduating. I plan to write a post about our little weekend in NYC. Stay tuned!




And then I wrapped up 2018 with the same people I started it with.




2018 wasn’t my most glamorous. I spent the majority of the year alone and struggling with my mental health but when I look back on the year, it is hard to complain.

I made it through, what I would consider, one of my most difficult years yet. If I can do that then I can do anything, right?

I hope you have a happy and healthy 2019 and I am hoping the same for myself.

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