Natural deodorant​: does it actually work?

I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant (without aluminum) for a couple years now. I always end up bouncing back to Dove when I wind up stinky and sweaty around noon. So this year, I kicked my hunt up a notch and I’ve tried 5 different brands each over several weeks to determine if it’s possible to use a natural deodorant and not stink.



I really thought this would be the winner. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand and there is plenty of scent options for you to sniff around and have a little fun with. I went with Bergamot & Lime and immediately broke out in a pretty painful rash on my armpits the next day. It’s possible that another scent wouldn’t have caused this but I was too nervous to try again. Many people love this brand but I would tread lightly if you have sensitive skin. Try a patch on your arm first and maybe start with their fragrance-free version.

GRADE: F (just because of the rash – OUCH)




This is a pretty widely renowned natural deodorant brand and I was excited to give it a go. I picked out Lavender & White Tea and really enjoyed the smell. Unfortunately, on my armpits, the scent disappeared about an hour later. The positive about this brand is that it was very gentle on my skin and uses some good ingredients but the claims of “absorbing wetness” and deodorizing for 24 hours is just a blatant lie. You will be stinky. 



Arm & Hammer Essentials


This has been my most consistently used non-aluminum deodorant over the past few years and when it comes down to it…I think it is my favorite. It isn’t as hard working as deodorants that have aluminum in them but I think that is something that one has to compromise when switching to a natural deodorant. It lasts pretty much all day unless you are going to get really sweaty and it was gentle on my skin. They have two scents, “Clean”, “Fresh”, as well as an unscented option. Many people that use this deodorant claim that it helps with armpit discoloration. I haven’t personally witnessed this but I also haven’t consistently used it for longer than about a month at a time.





This is a highly recommended natural deodorant and I definitely liked it more than some of the others on this list. I picked up the solid stick in Purifying Tea Tree and was generally pleased with its performance. I’ve heard that their dry spray formula is even better but I have had trouble finding it so I can try it. I would say that this wears off a little earlier than the Arm & Hammer but it lasts longer than most natural deodorants.



Love Beauty and Planet


I can’t seem to escape this brand’s marketing. Not a bad thing though, I like their mission and company values and I’ve been enjoying their body wash for a while now. I saw their deodorant in store and tossed it in my cart immediately. This is a thicker formula and VERY scented, or at least the one I picked up was. I got Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower and while I like the scent, the strength of it was mildly concerning. On the first day, I experienced some mild discomfort while using (itching) it but after a couple weeks of use I had no problems with anymore itching. Once again, this product only prevented odor for an hour or 3, at most, and then I was stinking again. Overall, I am not a fan of how thick this formula is and was disappointed by the length of its odor control but it smelled good!




Not one of these lasts 24 hours, even if they claim it. If you plan to be really sweaty and want a deodorant you can depend on I would venture outside the natural category. However, if you are okay with having to re-apply or only need your deodorant to last until you get home from work then natural deodorant will totally work for you! Always try a patch test if you have sensitive skin and look at ingredients for any allergens!


I hope this helped! Thanks for reading and I hope you find a natural cure for your stinky pits somewhere in this list.

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