Makeup Wish List

I feel weird going another week without a post about a hike or somewhere I traveled. I originally intended for this blog to be about my travels and the outdoors but I have since strayed from that path. No worries though, my next post is all about my recent travels!

* * *

I thought I would try this wish list format again because I am currently at a place where I am having to penny pinch a little. I have some big expenses coming up so buying makeup that I don’t ~need~ is out of the question right now. That, however, doesn’t keep me from filling up my shopping cart at night and wishing with all my heart that I was a beauty influencer who got PR packages.

I’ve been eyeing the Fenty Gloss Bomb for a while now. I don’t like doing anything extravagant to my lips but this just seems so effortless and beautiful. I need it.

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After binge-watching all the Fenty reviews on YouTube, I have also been lusting over the Stunna Lip Paint. I know, I just said I don’t like doing anything extravagent…but it’s so pretty. I feel like if I am going to pull off a red lip it’s probably going to be Rihanna’s red lip, ya know?

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  • New Eyebrow Products

I haven’t seen a negative review on the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel yet and I watch a lot of reviews, you guys…like too many reviews. I am a sucker for a good eyebrow gel so I am bound to try this guy out as soon as I have some wiggle room in my budget.

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One of my favorite beauty YouTuber’s, Tati, recently raved about the Sephora brand retractable brow pencil. The shade I want, soft charcoal, is currently sold out so that is all the more reason to wait a little bit to try this pencil.

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Morphe is at the top of their game right now and I’m totally on board. Their setting spray is one of my favorites and I definitely want to pick some more up soon.

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I also really want to pick up a brush set. My brushes kind of suck and constantly sprinkle hairs on my face or come unglued so I definitely have plans to pick out a complete brush set one of these days.

Ugh, I’ve wanted the Shade and Light palette forever now but I can never convince myself to fork over the $50. One of these days…

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I mean, it’s not really makeup but I am counting it. I lust over every single one of their face masks but… $50? For a face mask?

I love my knock-offs of the beauty blender. My particular favorite being the sponge from Eco Tools that you can pick up at Walmart but…I kinda want to try out the OG.

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The powder of all powders. I feel like I have to try this magical, mystical powder before I leave this earth.

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That’s all for this week. I have some exciting stuff happening soon including a trip back home and then some vacation time in some national parks in Utah. I definitely plan to document everything and write up a few blog posts to share.

Comment below your wish list items!

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