Lily Mountain Trail

Hello there!

My mom recently came to town and, per usual, we hit the ground running! I took the day off Friday and we drove up to Estes Park Friday night. Estes Park is a cute little town and I would love to spend more time there. We found the best breakfast place, Notchtop Bakery and Cafe, and I highly recommend. It even has a very Instagram friendly wood wall.

Day one, being Friday, we scoured the web for a dog-friendly hike. Not-so-fun fact: Dogs aren’t allowed on any trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park :(. However, there are plenty of trails outside of the park that are accepting of your four-legged family members.*Rant Warning* Personally, I will never understand places that don’t allow dogs but allow children. Like I get it –  I do. Dogs could attract predators, they poop, they bark, and can be a nuisance if the owner is shitty. (Zuzu is a perfect angel and no one can tell me otherwise). HOWEVER, you cannot tell me that children don’t all these things and are usually 100x worse. I witnessed a child screaming bloody murder and chasing a bird at Rocky Mountain National park while Zuzu sat quietly in the car. So…ban dogs if you want but ban shitty kids too please.

I truly do not mean to offend if you have children. I’m sure your kid isn’t shitty.
Sorry for the rant lol. 

We chose Lily Mountain Trail which is right outside the park and is a 3.8 mile out and back. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to finish this hike (which is a big pet peeve of mine) as the snow towards the top was so high that we had trouble continuing for several reasons. We didn’t have the right equipment (snowshoes or spikes as these weren’t necessary for the bottom portion of the trail) and then we couldn’t tell where the trail continued because there were no tree markers and any foot prints were covered by snow. So, if you want to finish the trail during this time of the year, I recommend being familiar with the trail and bringing the right equipment. Otherwise, you will be fine in hiking boots for the bottom portion of the trail.

It was beautiful and not too difficult of a trail to do.



I’ll leave some directions to the trailhead for you at the bottom but something to be aware of is that parking at the trailhead is pretty limited but there are a few places alongside the road. Otherwise, be prepared to park a little past the trailhead at Lily Lake and walk back to the trailhead.


Leashes are required for dogs on this trail but that didn’t stop two different people we encountered from letting their dogs run loose. So, be aware of this if you bring along your dog.

Anyways, here are some more pictures of this lovely hike. Thanks for reading! My next post will be about what we explored in Rocky Mountain National Park!



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