Night Bird Gulch


I’m finally back on the trails! It was so refreshing to get off the couch and hop on a trail with Zuzu. Not gonna lie, it may have been a little early as my injured foot really hurt on the way down. However, I’m still glad I went.

The hike is about a 5-mile loop that I would classify as moderate to semi-difficult. It’s very rocky and to be honest a little dangerous in some areas due to the trail being very narrow and on the edge of a drop off. I don’t want to say that going up was a piece of cake, I still had to take several breaks, but going down was more difficult in my opinion. That being said, however, there were many people that were jogging the trail that I was limping down. If you are more athletic than me, then you could totally knock this trail out easily.

Night Bird Gulch is at the back of a neighborhood in Golden, CO. This was a little weird but I didn’t have trouble finding a place along the curb to park.



I chose it because it looked like it checked off several of my hiking preferences while also being close to home. It was only a half hour drive from my house and I still got the bird’s eye view that I am always looking for.

Zuzu did great on the trail and loved sniffing the entirety of Mt. Galbraith. There were plenty of other dogs on the trail as well.


Another note to keep in mind if you are interested in hiking up to Night Bird Gulch is to beware of the cacti. It’s everywhere. And due to how narrow the trail is, there were a couple of times I had to go off trail to get out of other hiker’s paths. One of these times I decided to sit on a rock until they passed…this led to me sitting on an actual cactus. Yes. I wasn’t aware that my life had turned into a sitcom. It was a small cactus with those tiny hair-like needles and OH MY GOSH it was uncomfortable. I got the majority of them out and continued on my hike because I am stubborn like that.


I use an app/website called All Trails  to find new trails that I want to try. I like this app because you can filter trails by preferences and distance. One of my preferences for trails is lighter trail traffic…because I’m not incredibly fond of other humans. The app selected Night Bird Gulch with the light trail traffic filter on but I would definitely not agree with this. In fact, I would classify this trail as having heavy traffic. As you can imagine, this was incredibly disappointing. Just something I thought you should know if you want to hike this trail or use All Trails.

Anyway, the hike was lovely and challenging all in one. My foot was really sore when all was said and done but I felt energized and happy to have spent some time outside.

Here are some pictures of my time on Mt. Galbraith.



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