I’m back!

Long time no blog post!

Hello to my 2 readers. Did you miss me?

I took some much appreciated time off from the blog to focus on doing nothing over Christmas and then the whirlwind of stress that welcomed me back to Colorado.

I wanted to start the new year off with a hike blog post but I haven’t invested in snowshoes yet and I recently really injured my foot by doing what I am best at…tripping. So I honestly have 0 content for this first post back…sorry lol I am a bad blogger.

I still plan on posting every other Friday and I plan on some of those posts being focused on my 2018 resolutions. Yeah, yeah everyone has resolutions and everyone ends up breaking them. Whatever, I am still going to do them for as long as possible.

So, some new things in my life include my bullet journal (inspired by Megan!),a healthier diet, less fast food, more exercise, less time spent on my couch watching YouTube, and more time spent with Zuzu. These are all things you can expect to see in the future as well as some of the old topics from 2017.


Here’s to a bright, yet still dysfunctional, 2018 filled with better prepared blog posts!

See you soon.


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