Lazy Wo[Man’s] Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, Y’all!

I hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year! I know I am! However, I have a couple of weeks of work standing in the way before true celebration. I am counting the days (11) until I catch my flight back to Georgia because I am getting picked up from the ATL airport by two of my dearest friends (Cassandra and Megan <3.) We have lunch plans before I am whisked away in the typical family madness and I cannot wait!

This is a simple gift guide of things you can snatch up really quickly via Amazon or other online retailers. I am all about limiting your efforts and maximizing the joy of giving! I decided to post a little earlier than normal so I can get this up a hearty two weeks before Christmas.

This will be the last post until the new year as I spend time with family and friends and I hope you are doing the same!

*DISCLAIMER: Prices might have changed from the time of writing this article*

The Practical Gift

Not only is this so affordable it’s something that most people use on a regular basis! They have starter kits available starting at $5!

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.31.38 PM

To keep with the ‘hairy’ theme but up the ante try Harry’s! This is a sleek, modern, and slightly nicer option for shaving products. They have gift sets starting at $20 and go up to $95.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.36.53 PM

  • A portable charger

I mean, this is on my Christmas list. This is always a good option for anyone that has a  cell phone. You can go as affordable or fancy as you want. Here is a nice $16 version , a $26 version, and a $42 version all available on Amazon. All of these are prime eligible for 2-day shipping!

  • A phone charger

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can always use a backup phone charger. And what makes a phone charger even better? 6 feet of mobile freedom! Here is my favorite 6 foot iPhone charger that actually lasts longer than a month and here is a 6ft charger for Android users (although a better gift for them would be an iPhone 😂) Both of these are 2-day shipping eligible!

  • Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are another thing that people could always use a backup pair. Getting Bluetooth headphones ensures that it will work with whatever device they want to use them with! Here is a nice pair for $21.50 that’s eligible for 2-day shipping!

Okay, the Mighty Mug is really cool. I just got one for my boss and it actually works! I tried my best to get it to fall over but it wouldn’t budge! It’s available here on Amazon for $20.48 and is eligible for 2-day shipping!

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 5.47.28 PM

It’s a podcast cult favorite for a reason. Everywhere I turn someone is going on and on about how soft and comfortable these underwear are. Obviously, this is something that everyone uses and even if you have someone that prefers going commando…they have shirts, pants, and socks too!

The not-so Practical Gift

  • Makeup

It kind of hurts my soul to put makeup in the ‘not-so-practical’ category because…it’s practical to me. I have plenty of fun suggestions for this ranging from super affordable to a little more bougie. For even more ideas check out my post on drugstore makeup favorites!

BH Cosmetics is the affordable makeup lover’s paradise. I encourage you to go check it out immediately because they seem to have sales going on pretty regularly. My favs from BH are the blush and contour palettes as well as any of their brush sets!

Morphe is another great option for any makeup lover. Not only is the brand raved about constantly but they are relatively affordable too. I recommend a brush set (they range from $14 to $159) or any of the  beautiful, rebranded eyeshadow palettes that they recently released (those range from $15 to $44).

Ulta gift sets are another super fun option! They come in a variety of price ranges and offer a slew of products to choose from. 

  • A portable crockpot

Whaaa?? Did y’all know this existed? I sure didn’t! How cool! I know plenty of people that would love this. This mobile crockpot is perfect for taking dishes to potlucks, holiday parties, etc, etc and it’s only $25! (2 day shipping eligible!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 5.04.56 PM

  • A flask disguised as an iPhone

I mean…what else do you need in life? Get it here for $30 (2 day shipping eligible!)

  • An electric travel blanket

We all have that person in our life who is perpetually cold. What a wonderful gift for them! Get it here for $36.56.

  • A scratch off world map

These are such a cool idea for anyone that loves travel. It’s been on my Christmas list for a couple of years…maybe I should just suck it up and treat myself. Get it here for $28. (It’s 2-day shipping eligible!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 5.40.09 PM

Well, that’s all I have, folks! I hope your couch surfing holiday shopping ventures are fruitful and that you enjoy the time with your loved ones because that is what we should really be excited about! Happy Holidays!


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