Adulting: How to move without losing your mind

Hello! Thanks so much for clicking by for a visit and reading! In this post, I am discussing ways to make a big move less traumatizing because after my move Georgia ✈️ Colorado I am in need of some therapy.

  1. Prepare for the stress.


This seems like a weird tip but it’s number one on my list for a reason. I have been a realist/Negative Nelly my whole life on top of being an uber-planner and control freak. However, for some reason, I got in my head that this move would be a breeze and I would be all moved into my apartment quickly and effortlessly and birds and chipmunks would help me unpack while I danced with Prince Charming in my kitchen. A better analogy would switch out the birds and the chipmunks for Satan and Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Seuss. Moving, no matter your resources, is one of the most stressful events a human can go through. Prepare yourself. Make Plan A’s, B’s, and C’s and don’t freak out and cry in your laundry room when you need a Plan D.

  1. Contact your moving company like yesterday.


This was one of my big mistakes. Moving companies need a ton of time before your desired delivery date to get everything in order. The way it was explained to me is that the company has to come look at your current residence to anticipate how much stuff you have and how difficult it will be to move/pack, you will get your estimate the next day, and then they have to submit paperwork which can take up to a week before it gets approved, AND THEN they will give you a “spread” of dates of when they could deliver it and this “spread” could be a week or two weeks long. In addition to this array of hoops that you have to jump through, there is always the risk of lost/damaged belongings.  Anyways, I waited too long to get a moving company and unless I wanted to live out of a suitcase and sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor for a month this meant I was left with the U-Haul option.

  1. Pack strategically.



I am not always the best at this. I am a culprit of shoving things in a box and figuring it out when I get where I am going. Don’t do this to yourself. It doesn’t have to be beautiful or color coded but it should have some rhyme and reason. Pack all your bathroom items in the same box and label them and make sure your breakables are bubble wrapped and labeled clearly so they are treated carefully. There are plenty of packing tips out there in the internet world and I encourage you to read through a few of them.

This tip is also applied to what you bring not only how you bring it. I got nervous about buying a lot of furniture and started packing things I didn’t even want. This was a big mistake because I ended up with a 300lbs black desk that didn’t look good in my apartment. I ended up selling it to a guy on Facebook and wrestling it out to the curb with my mother. I don’t recommend this. Just don’t bring it unless you love it.

  1. Smile and Wave (*If you have neighbors*)


When moving in you’ll spend a lot of time walking back and forth from your moving truck/car to your apartment or house. You’re bound to see some neighbors and now is the prime time to smile and wave and make yourself known as the new kid on the block. Introduce yourself and get their name and, if they offer it up, which apartment or house is theirs. You never know when you might need them for something whether it be for a cup of sugar or to check on your pet in an emergency.

While you’re at it (if you live in an apartment complex), make a friend in the front office. It will really pay off to have a friendly face that wants to help you out. When I first moved in, I had a rental car for a week before I got my permanent car. Rather than making me pay for a temporary parking permit, a sweet lady in the front office simply called the towing company and told them not to tow my rental until I got my permanent car. So, grin and bear it and hopefully, it will make you some friends in high places.

  1. Don’t forget these gross adult things

They are the least exciting things about moving but they are also some of the most important. Don’t forget to do these before, during, and after your move.

  • Renters insurance (if applicable)

Most, if not all, landlords will require renter’s insurance so I would look into it way before you need to supply proof of it. Some apartment complexes will offer it themselves but the rates are usually higher than if you found it elsewhere. I would say you shouldn’t pay over $20ish and you should be able to find it for much cheaper.

  • Set up all your utilities

If you are living in an apartment complex, you should ask the leasing office how this is done as it will be different for every complex. For me, the only utilities I had to set up were power and internet/cable. Everything else was billed with my rent. However, make sure you do this asap because there may be a penalty for doing it too late.

  • Change your mailing address with USPS

I recommend you do this as soon as you have your mailing address because they have some coupons that they offer you that you may find helpful!

  • New driver’s license

Obviously, this one only applies if you are moving out of state but it is a big one to remember if it applies to you. Most states will require you do so after so many days of living there. To get my Colorado license I needed: my birth certificate or passport, my old license, two pieces of business mail with my new address, my social security card, and $27. I also highly recommend making an appointment at the DMV. It may help you avoid wasting 3 hours of your life in line but we both know you’ll probably end up waiting either way.



That’s a short wrap up of my moving tips for you! If you want a more detailed post on moving let me know in the comments! I hope this helped you in some way.



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